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Unexpected PITA progress

Of all the Big Awesome Things I've tried to create over the years, PITA has been been one of the longest and most disappointing.

Conceived as the logical extrapolation of Perl's testing framework development into the future, the basic idea is zero conf 100% automatic testing in parallel across arbitrarily many different operating systems using one-time virtual machines.

Achieving that kind of process isolation in a way that doesn't require any manual setup and no human intervention has meant some extremely twisted internals and lots of unu…

DBD::SQLite 1.35 release planned for 22nd of November

It's been a fairly quiet year for DBD::SQLite, but largely in a positive sense.

The release rate and delta of SQLite itself has been fairly tame, and in Perl land we've seen a significant reduction in the severity of bugs compared to 2010.

Because of the significance of DBD::SQLite and the need for extended testing periods, it has been my policy to allow smaller fixes to accumulate without doing a release and to release DBD::SQLite in line with SQLite releases that recommend upgrading.

The recent 3.7.8 release of SQLite does not come with an upgrade recommendation for …

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