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My CPAN Book

Some of you might recall that I started the process of writing a book about some of the most used Perl modules/frameworks. The book is written in PseudoPod, it is available on GitHub, and its official webpage is at http://ambs.github.com/Books/.

Unfortunately I am not having much time lately. My job is to give classes at an University, and I do not teach Perl, so most of the time I am preparing classes, and not hacking.

I do not want to have this book project stopped. So, I would like to invite anyone that would like to contribute to write a section. You can look into the GitH…

2011Q4: Call for Grant Proposals

TPF just opened a call for grant proposals. See details here: http://news.perlfoundation.org/2011/10/2011q4-call-for-grant-proposal.html.

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