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Some of you might recall that I started the process of writing a book about some of the most used Perl modules/frameworks. The book is written in PseudoPod, it is available on GitHub, and its official webpage is at

Unfortunately I am not having much time lately. My job is to give classes at an University, and I do not teach Perl, so most of the time I am preparing classes, and not hacking.

I do not want to have this book project stopped. So, I would like to invite anyone that would like to contribute to write a section. You can look into the GitHub repository to see the sections that I have in my mind. If you would prefer another subject, let me know and I'll tell you if I am willing to include such a section in the book. Just let me know before starting to write. There are some guidelines written in the README file, that I would like to be respected.

Of course that contributors will have the credits for what they write. I'll need to change the way the book is organized, but I'll do that as soon as somebody wants to help.

The book will be made freely available as PDF. A printed version will be available from at cost price (I might round the value and offer the profit to TPF, YEF or APPP).


It could be better if it was a wiki. Much easier interface for many people.

I would agree. The book looks sexy (bravo on that) but it's a pain to have my Adobe Reader browser plugin open just to skim a chapter.

Would you consider putting a small web framework into the git repo as well, and running that as the book's website? I'm not sure whether this would be impossible on github's hosting.

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