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Komodo 7, first try

I do not test Komodo for years. Decided to give it a chance. Sometimes I miss autocomplete in emacs (any emacs user suggesting any emacs plugin?). But first script I edit with Komodo, and it doesn't know how to highlight the file, when I have a line like:

@files = <????/*.abs>

It thinks that is starting a regular expression. Oh damn :)

Fixed it with glob, of course. But didn't like :)

Thank you, CPAN Testers

Today I just want to thank you to all CPAN Testers. I do not know if there are such initiatives for other programming languages, but you are awesome. So many architectures, so many operating systems, so many Perl versions.

I hope to help someday. I just need to find some time for it.

Thank YOU all!

CPAN and undef versions (again)

Some time ago I complained that some modules that had a version ended doing it. The problem? I use a lot the 'r' command in the CPAN client to check for outdated modules. Now, I get a lot of failures that are not really failures:

Package namespace         installed    latest  in CPAN file
HTML::Mason::Apache::Request     undef         0  DROLSKY/HTML-Mason-1.47.tar.gz
JSON::PP::Boolean             undef   2.27200  MAKAMAKA/JSON-PP-2.27200.tar.gz
JSON::XS::Boolean             undef      2.32  MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-2.32.tar.gz
JSON::backportPP::Boolean     undef   2.27200  MAKAMAKA/JSON-2…

Solaris build problems... help?

Hello. I am needing some help to understand some cpan testers build failures under Solaris. The reports are:

If you have any idea on what is going on, please post here a comment, or mail me.

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