Thank you, CPAN Testers

Today I just want to thank you to all CPAN Testers. I do not know if there are such initiatives for other programming languages, but you are awesome. So many architectures, so many operating systems, so many Perl versions.

I hope to help someday. I just need to find some time for it.

Thank YOU all!


Just a small note: The CPAN testers is you. Every one of you!.

Of course there are a few people who run the infrastructure and the big smokers and a lot of thanks needs to go to them, but any one of you can become a CPAN tester in about 10 minutes of setup time.

Go for it!

I've always hesitated becoming a CPAN tester because my platform is pretty boring and common (Debian stable on Linux/{i386,amd64}) and I've always thought I would not add value but just burdens the infrastructure with uninteresting reports.

Is there some truth to my thinking?

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