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YAPC::EU::2012, the good parts

I think some people did not interpret my last post correctly, I think I hated YAPC::EU::2012 (or at least, that is what I understand from Gabor comment on his Perl Weekly). Well, no, the post points three things I did not like, meaning that everything else was fun.

But I would like to point some details. First, congratulations to the organizers for the courage to prepare proceedings. Of course I was angry because the article I took some time to write was not there. Also, because although I mailed the organizers, they did not answer or said anything. Nevertheless, I like the idea of ha…

YAPC::EU::2012, what I missed

YAPC::EU is over. It was a nice conference, but there were a couple of things I've missed. The first one is obvious: air conditioning. We had a too hot weather. I understand that Germany is used to cold, not hot. Nevertheless, next YAPC::EU users, remind that 300 or more people in a room, half with their laptops and gadgets turned on, produce a lot of heat. So, be sure at least the main room has a decent air conditioning system.

The second miss was Josette Garcia, from O'Reilly. This year's O'Reilly bank was a delusion. First, more than half the books were in German. This doesn't just…

Building C and C++ libraries with Perl

It seems that somebody screwed it, and forgot one 20 pages article I wrote for YAPC::EU::2012 proceedings. Therefore, the proceedings are shorter, and are shamelessly incomplete. Anyway, you can read my article in all its glory here. And sooner or later I'll add the presentation too.

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