YAPC::EU::2012, the good parts

I think some people did not interpret my last post correctly, I think I hated YAPC::EU::2012 (or at least, that is what I understand from Gabor comment on his Perl Weekly). Well, no, the post points three things I did not like, meaning that everything else was fun.

But I would like to point some details. First, congratulations to the organizers for the courage to prepare proceedings. Of course I was angry because the article I took some time to write was not there. Also, because although I mailed the organizers, they did not answer or said anything. Nevertheless, I like the idea of having proceedings for YAPC::EU. Not like the mojolicious article with screenshots of the slides, but like mostly all the others articles. And the proceedings are with great quality, both in printing, paper and design. I hope they make the final PDF available as well (paper is hard to find after some months).

It was very cool to have lightning talks in all days. I think we should go in that direction. It is difficult for a speaker to get the listener attention for more than 20 minutes (even 20 minutes is hard for me... but I am a pretty bad speaker).

From the talks I attended to, I liked very much the MOP talk from Stevan Little. I think this is the way to go for Perl (5): continue evolving. Now I am here expecting that MOP becomes a reality.

I loved having Matt closing the conference, with his typical crazy keynote. I don't know whose idea was, but my congratulations. It was very cool.

The place for the pre-conference meeting was great. Lot of space to chat, seated, walking, etc. I know we had some issues with the Caffee, waiting more than one hour and half for a simple breaded beef, but the place was great. And there were other caffees one could use.

Oh, and talking about Frankfurt, I loved the girls, blond and blue eyed girls...

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thx for the good parts :-)

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