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PRC 2016 - Fouth Semester

This was not just a bad year for musicians. Unfortunately not. And the last three months were busy, with lot of (mostly bureaucratic) work. I was expecting the Christmas day to have some extra-time and do, at least one, a decent PR, but I got sick and the will to program just passed by.

So, this semester we had:

  • October, Perl-Critic-StricterSubs: my patch was to define the minimum required Perl version, as requested by CPANTS.

  • November, Net-SFTP-Foreign: following CPANTS suggestions, set the same module version for all distribution mo…

YAPC::EU::2012, what I missed

YAPC::EU is over. It was a nice conference, but there were a couple of things I've missed. The first one is obvious: air conditioning. We had a too hot weather. I understand that Germany is used to cold, not hot. Nevertheless, next YAPC::EU users, remind that 300 or more people in a room, half with their laptops and gadgets turned on, produce a lot of heat. So, be sure at least the main room has a decent air conditioning system.

The second miss was Josette Garcia, from O'Reilly. This year's O'Reilly bank was a delusion. First, more than half the books were in German. This doesn't just…

Building C and C++ libraries with Perl

It seems that somebody screwed it, and forgot one 20 pages article I wrote for YAPC::EU::2012 proceedings. Therefore, the proceedings are shorter, and are shamelessly incomplete. Anyway, you can read my article in all its glory here. And sooner or later I'll add the presentation too.

CPAN is all broken, now

I am not sure whose fault is, but Test::Pod now verifies for characters outside ASCII, and complains a missing =encoding directive. I like this check to be done, but I do not think that breaking half of the CPAN is a good idea. It would be better to just carp for the error, but not make it fail. This would give time to authors to fix their modules. In a later release, this could be a fatal error.

Now, we have Dancer, DBI and a lot of other modules broken, not installing cleanly from CPAN.

Stealing from Python

We all know that Python, Perl and Ruby (ok, and PHP, and probably other languages) are always stealing ideas from one another. This is a nice thing to do.

After programming a few with Python there is a couple of details I like. I know not all are possible to implement in Perl. Some of them are, and I would love if they were. I know not all people agree with me (that good, too). Nevertheless, I present here a couple of ideas.

Although I do not like relying only in indentation for blocks, I like the fact that conditionals and loops does not need parenthesis. It makes the code mu…

Dancer article on SDJ

Some time ago I was invited to write a Perl article to Software Developers Journal. It is (as far as I could gather) a magazine based on Poland. Their website is at It is a paid magazine, so to read it you should buy the magazine.

Although the magazine doesn’t have good procedures for publication (there isn’t a review phase where the authors can check if everything is fine) we think (yes, I co-authored the article with Nuno “smash” Carvalho) that the article is interesting. Probably with some English errors written by us, and probably with some others introduces by the editors. And yes, it is not our fault that they write Pearl instead of Perl… oh shame…

We are working the permission to post the article in the web. Probably we can in some time. For now, buy the magazine.

Perl Code Sprint 2012

Sorry for writing this post in Portuguese, but if you are unable to read Portuguese it would be quite difficult to be part of this competition. Also, it was designed for the Portuguese Perl Community (for this year, at least).

A APPP está a organizar um concurso de programação Perl. Será um concurso virtual, em que os participantes são convidados a resolver pequenos problemas usando a linguagem Perl. Serão disponibilizados 6 problemas (um por dia, em …

More module versioning pain

Yeah, I know, I am always complaining about module versioning. But I think this is something we need to take care when releasing.

This time, it seems that Mail::SPF (JMEHNLE/mail-spf/Mail-SPF-v2.8.0.tar.gz) was indexed by CPAN as v2.8.0, but identifies itself as v2.008. Oh, joy!

Komodo 7, first try

I do not test Komodo for years. Decided to give it a chance. Sometimes I miss autocomplete in emacs (any emacs user suggesting any emacs plugin?). But first script I edit with Komodo, and it doesn't know how to highlight the file, when I have a line like:

@files = <????/*.abs>

It thinks that is starting a regular expression. Oh damn :)

Fixed it with glob, of course. But didn't like :)

Solaris build problems... help?

Hello. I am needing some help to understand some cpan testers build failures under Solaris. The reports are:

If you have any idea on what is going on, please post here a comment, or mail me.

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