PRC 2016 - Fouth Semester

This was not just a bad year for musicians. Unfortunately not. And the last three months were busy, with lot of (mostly bureaucratic) work. I was expecting the Christmas day to have some extra-time and do, at least one, a decent PR, but I got sick and the will to program just passed by.

So, this semester we had:

  • October, Perl-Critic-StricterSubs: my patch was to define the minimum required Perl version, as requested by CPANTS.

  • November, Net-SFTP-Foreign: following CPANTS suggestions, set the same module version for all distribution modules, and declare minimum required Perl version.

  • December, WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-API: generate META.json when building the dist.

I know, not proud of any of these PRs. I said to Neil I want to continue, but I really hope to start being more useful to module authors, or I will just quit...

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