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Faster Perl debugging through crazy tricks?

Hi all,

I'm at work right now, waiting for some code to run in the Perl Debugger and I got to thinking. Right now I've set a break point and I've hit "c" for continue executing, and in the background the debugger is doing all these checks on every single line and slowing down the execution of my program like crazy. I know it's doing something because if I hit ^C is halts properly at its current point of execution. What if there were some way to speed this up?

I'm thinking...

DB > b $condition
DB > $DB::breakpoints_only_mode = 1;
DB …

Introduction to wirting readable and maintainable Perl

Hey all,

I just got back from FOSDEM 2011 last night and had an absolute blast, especially on Sunday when I spent the whole day in the Perl devroom. Thanks to everyone who came!

I gave a talk called Introduction to writing readable and maintainable Perl and I thought I'd share my slides here.


Unfortunately Google Docs => PDF => Slideshare isn't an entirely f…

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