Introduction to wirting readable and maintainable Perl

Hey all,

I just got back from FOSDEM 2011 last night and had an absolute blast, especially on Sunday when I spent the whole day in the Perl devroom. Thanks to everyone who came!

I gave a talk called Introduction to writing readable and maintainable Perl and I thought I'd share my slides here.

Unfortunately Google Docs => PDF => Slideshare isn't an entirely flawless reproduction, but most of the slides look ok.

I'm considering giving an updated version of the talk at YAPC::EU this year. If you have any feedback please leave a comment or send me an email :)

- Alex


Not to be the spelling police, but I would like to ironically point out...

wirting => writing

colleague passing by me looking at slide #31 asked me if it's Perl learning curve :)

Cool! A bit short, but it does a nice job of introducing key concepts which are relevant to Perl without getting bogged down in language-agnostic details like bracing style and naming conventions.

I was at your talk and it was very good. I enjoyed it.

I even asked you a pesky question :).


I haven't yet published my FOSDEM report and pictures, but here you are:


Great stuff, man!

Was good to see it, good to meet you and chat up a bit!

Nice slideshow.

However, Slide 21 incorrectly hints that "if (defined $value)" and "if ($value)" are the same...

Alex, no problem. Use the picture.

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