What's new in Perl 5.14

An English version of my presentation given at YAPC::Russia a few hours before the release of Perl 5.14.


Very nice overview. I really like vstrings now! :-)

I think that I say from the command line does not work, it turns out I forgot to write
use feature qw(switch say);
use feature ':5.10'; # loads all features available in perl 5.10
Well, from the command line
perl -E "my $a=4**3;say $a"

works - wow ..
Thank you .. YAPC was interesting, how was Sunday?
Will the Sunday papers posted for all to see


To enable all 5.10 features, you can also simply write:

use 5.010;

2Nick Patch
thanks,work use 5.010;
and even
use 5.01;
for ( 1 .. 10 ) {
say;#wow is perltidy puts the semicolon ALT-SHIFT-F in Padre
say 'Victory';

use v5.10.0;

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