Perl Golf at YAPC::Russia 2015

The after-story about the Perl Golf contest, which took place during the two-day YAPC::Russia conferece in Moscow

Perl Golf is a contest, where participants solve the task with the shortest Perl programme possible. This year's Golf rules were announced by Vadim Pushtaev right after the conference start.

You can find a formal desciption and all the received solutions in the YAPC_Russia_2015_perl_golf GitHub repository.

Microsof's Visual Studio Code editor


Did you see that the brand new code editor just released by Microsoft ( ships with the Perl 6 syntax support?



All the Perl Books catalogue

Hi guys,

Let me announce my new Perl related site devoted to all the Perl books ever published:

This is a collection of the Perl book covers, primarily from the private library of Liz and Wendy. You might have seen these book shelves at the Perl booth at FOSDEM or at one of the Dutch Perl Workshops.

I would be very appreciated if you will share more Perl book covers with me, my main interest is non-English books (maybe except Russian ones as I have a few dozens of them…'s new leader

The group has a new leader. Since now this role is occupied by Pavel Scherbinin (Dzirtik).

Pavel on Twitter
On Foursquare
On YAPC sites

For a few months Pavel has been organising technical meetings in the office of, the company in Moscow he works in. They managed…

The post-post about the YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev

(Original Russian version of this text is available in the 7th edition of the Pragmatic Perl magazine.)

This august, in the centre of Kiev, there took place an annual international conference YAPC::Europe 2013. I attended almost no talks, thus can only write about the organisational point of view.

We started the preparations in July 2013. It all begun with a simple question of whether we had to make a YAPC in Kiev.


From: A…