IPv6 talk wanted

Dear Perl people,

If you know interesting things about how you can work with IPv6 in Perl nowadays, you are more than welcome to submit a talk to YAPC::Europe.

I believe there're lots of pieces to talk about in that field. The talk can be as detailed as the recent answer about using UTF-8 on stackoverflow, or it can be a five-minute lightning talk. Please share your experience!

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I probably have a number of thoughts to add on this subject. I'm the author of the IPv6 additions in Perl 5.14, as well as the CPAN module IO::Socket::IP which provides an IPv4/IPv6-neutral analogy to the IPv4-only IO::Socket::INET.

I don't think I'll be able to make Latvia for a live talk at YAPC, but I'd be happy to contribute some thoughts, slides, notes, etc... to someone who wants to present it.

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