YAPC::Russia + Perl Mova 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine

I'm very excited to see more than 200 people registered to the forthcoming YAPC::Russia conference.

We started YAPC::Russia in 2008 in Moscow and since than it migrates between Kiev and Russia each year. That explains why its full name includes plus Perl Mova, which is the name of the Ukrainian Perl Workshop (held separately in the years when YAPC::Russia is in Moscow), that easy. By the way, did you know that Kiev was once the capital of former Kievan Rus’? No political context here today :-)

This year is a special one in the history of our annual event. This time the organisers managed to invite a few guest speakers, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Gabor Szabo and Florian Ragwitz. In addition to that great fact it's a pleasure to see attendees from 13 countries! Kiev is a wonderful place to come to, as you most probable don't need a visa to enter there.

There will be two days of talks and social activities, and the organisers insist all the slides are dubbed in English (actually, they wanted to make the official language English only), which makes the conference more and more attractive to non-Russian speakers. I think we will continue that trend in the following years.

I wish 1) you come to our conference sooner or later, and 2) we will be able to host a YAPC::Europe in Kiev in the visible future. Two wishes, dear Goldfish, can you? :-)

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Yeah! Kiev for YAPC::Europe!

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