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Our YAPC::Europe 2013 proposal

Kiev.pm and Moscow.pm have just sent a proposal to the YAPC::Europe Venue Committee to host YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev.

This proposal is also available online at yapcrussia.org/proposal2013.

There are two main differences from the regular set of events. First, this time we are ready to offer a Partner programme. Second, there will be no attendees dinner, we propose to make a river cruise instead.

We're making a proposal to host YAPC::EU 2013

The bad news we heard today about ZERO number of proposals for 2013 made us active enough to produce good news: we decided to make a proposal for hosing YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev (still no visas required for EU/US/UK/RU citizen).

"We" are the Kiev.pm + Moscow.pm groups, namely, the guys who made the recent fantastic YAPC::Russia in 2012 (100+ people) in Kiev and myself. We'll add up the facts about the venue, prices etc. to our proposal in the following few days, definitely long before Frankfurt event in August, and well public full text soon. We've got a venue in mind already.

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