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So, Kiev 2013


It was officially announced a few days ago that the next YAPC::Europe will be held in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Have you also heard that Kiev is the best city in the world? :-)

Let me share some basic information we've got today about the conference, almost a year before it.

There are three main persons behind the conference: Yaroslav Korshak, Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi and me. Together (in different combinations) we've o…

When Perl is not applicable

The story repeats again and again, and there's a single conclusion I can make out of that: never do large data aggregation in SQL and Perl.

This time I had a Perl script which builds a standard business report: lots of items show their performance by week, month, quarter etc. Thus you've got a few big two-dimensional tables where one axis is time and another one contains data item names. Say, from the beginning of the year there are about 30 weeks past today, eight months, two quarters. These are three tables with weeks, months and quarters on their time axis.


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