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The group has a new leader. Since now this role is occupied by Pavel Scherbinin (Dzirtik).

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For a few months Pavel has been organising technical meetings in the office of, the company in Moscow he works in. They managed to have two or three talks for every meeting. I think it was a good proof that Pavel was a good candidate for this position and he would bring a new wave to Moscow's Perl life.

I took the leadership in 2007 and was behind a number of offline meetings, a big enough number of workshops, conferences and hackathons in several countries. Since 2007 our mailing list became de-facto the ExUSSR Perl mailing list. There were a few monger groups appeared in Russia after relaunch in 2007. As I am no longer living (but not forever) in Moscow and cannot take part in most of its activities, I think we made a good change :-)

I wish the new leader all the best and would like to see newcomers to Perl who will like the language because of members' work.


Thanks Andrew (andy) and Pavel (dzirtik),
that you do not forget about Moscow perl community
I think that Pavel Shcherbinin - is the best person that can inject even more energy into
development of MoscowPM,
his collaboration with Mons (Mons) is very fruitful;))
I also love the lectures Ruslan Zakirov (ruz) and many perl guru.
By the way at a meeting in MoscowPM you can talk with the wisest girls community such as Ekaterina Trefilova and Elena Bolshakova(helena).
Perl, delicious pizza and coffee in MoscowPM - what else can be better than to spend an evening for a programmer!
P.S. remind you that the hash tag #moscowpm is busy and need to use #moscowperl in twitter

use Perl or die!
Nikolay Mishin (mishin)

Thank you, Andrew. Welcome, Pavel.

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