Our first Effective Perl talks

At Frozen Perl 2010, Josh and I gave our first talks based on Effective Perl Programming, 2nd Edition.

I gave a day-long master class as the first version of what we are turning into a full training course. I covered regexes, Unicode, pack, advanced subroutines, and tricks with filehandles. Each of those sections covered most of the material from those chapters in the book, and during the course I picked up even more tricks that we'll add to the Effective Perler blog as well as later classes. I'm thinking about releasing some of the slides next week when I have some time to take care of some of the notes that I made.

Josh gave a short talk on Unicode. Several of my students remarked how it was nice to see some of the same material twice since there's a lot to pay attention to in Unicode. His slides are in Google Docs, but he's adjusting some of the images so he doesn't get sued for the comments he made about the Minnesota Vikings. It's not really his fault if they aren't as good as the Bears. Everyone nag him to make his slides available with the rest of the Frozen Perl talks.

If you want one of our talks at your conference, let us know.

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That is a great site! I am going to buy the book as well.

Please keep contributing content to that site. The examples are wonderful!

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