We don't need no stinkin' hosting

Andrew Shitov's TPF grant proposal to create an interactive Perl 6 tutorial was turned down and the chief concern seems to be the lack of a sponsor to host the content. They even ask for anyone interested in hosting to reach out to them. It's a minor concern, and with such a close vote, a disappointing one.

It's long past the time to stop thinking about hosting. It's archaic. It's not a proper way to deliver content any …

Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 Highlights


  • Mojolicious has a new logo. New shirts, stickers, and other swag coming soon.
  • The Nordic Perl Workshop and MojoConf are the same thing. They had to share the #npw2018 tag with National Payroll Week going on at the same time in the UK.
  • I released a preview copy of my secret proje…

Which edges cases could perl shed to make it easier to parse?


Beginners and Conferences

I've had many ideas for introduce Perl conference beginners into the community. Dom also had some ideas in How to make Perl conferences beginner friendly. Steal what you like, share what works!


20 Years of Perl mongers

It was 20 years ago (almost) that a group of New Yorkers started Perl mongers. I think at the time we were eating something the caterer for The Perl Conference called "California sandwich" that had sprouts and avocado. In 1997, there was a small core of a Perl community that worked on perl, but there was still room for regular user engagement.

I didn't see …