The Perl 7 tl;dr

Sawyer X, Perl's volunteer Project Lead, announced at The Perl Conference in the Cloud that Perl will make the jump to a new major version, Perl 7. This allows the next version to accept saner, more modern default settings. So far, Perl 5 has been compatible back its first release in 1994. Perl 7, expected to be released within the next year, sets defaults and enables features that most people use today. When Perl 7 is released, Perl 5 will go into long term maintenance for an extended window far beyond its normal two-year, two version support policy. Supported Perl 5 versions will continue…

We don't need no stinkin' hosting

Andrew Shitov's TPF grant proposal to create an interactive Perl 6 tutorial was turned down and the chief concern seems to be the lack of a sponsor to host the content. They even ask for anyone interested in hosting to reach out to them. It's a minor concern, and with such a close vote, a disappointing one.

It's long past the time to stop thinking about hosting. It's archaic. It's not a proper way to deliver content any …

Nominate Perl heroes for the 2018 White Camel Awards

It's the 20th anniversary of the White Camel Awards!

We're looking for nominations for the 2018 White Camel Awards that recognize significant non-technical achievement in Perl and its community. Each year we recognize work in the broad categories of community, advocacy, and user groups. These people keep the Perl community going and deserve to be recognized!

Nordic Perl Workshop 2018 Highlights


  • Mojolicious has a new logo. New shirts, stickers, and other swag coming soon.
  • The Nordic Perl Workshop and MojoConf are the same thing. They had to share the #npw2018 tag with National Payroll Week going on at the same time in the UK.
  • I released a preview copy of my secret proje…

Which edges cases could perl shed to make it easier to parse?