A history of Perl variables

I was curious when various Perl variables showed up, so I started diving through perlvar and perl*delta. Ignoring those that were already there in Perl 4, I have so a draft list. It's a bit dodgy because some of the variables existed before they were documented, but I'm really interested in the point where they became supported variables (so, I also don't care about blead versions):

Does anyone have any corrections or predictions for 5.14? :)

perl 5.12.0 - 5.20.0


perl 5.10.0

Perl 5.8.9

perl 5.8.8

perl 5.8.2 ???

perl 5.8.0

perl 5.6

perl 5.005

perl 5.004
$^A ???

perl 5.003



And CHILD_ERROR_NATURE should be CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE. I suppose I could have finished reading the post before replying.

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