What's "a good book about programming for Unix"?

What's a good book about programming for Unix? In Learning Perl, while showing the file test operators, we say:

Don't worry if you don't know what some of the other file tests mean--if you've never heard of them, you won't be needing them. But if you're curious, get a good book about programming for Unix.

But, we then leave the reader hanging without giving them an idea which book they might. I guess Chapter 4 of Stevens's Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment might be the answer, but is there something else?


I was going to suggest Advanced Linux Programming (although if it covers file test operators, I haven't reached it yet). Then I thought to look around a bit and found this question asked on StackOverflow.


I can strongly recommend Kochan and Wood's "Unix Shell Programming." It teaches one a good deal about Unix as well as shell, in this case bash.

Sobell's "A Practical Guide to the Unix System" is a classic, still relevant though that relevance is beginning to be historical.

Bruce Molay's "Understanding Unix/Linux Programming" is also excellent. He has a way of explaining complex subjects clearly.

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