Bad Mail Day

I really know a lot of Perl people, and whatever is going on in my Gmail account is reminding me of that. For some reason, someone wants the world to think that I want all of you to buy Viagra and watch a stupid YouTube video. I think the YouTube thing is just a red herring for the spam filters. If you don't want to buy fake Viagra, don't follow the stupid links.

Thanks for everyone who responded to the spam to let me know something was going on. I won't respond to the hundreds of messages I got telling me that. At least it's nice to know that people read my mail, even when it is spam. :) Many of you may have missed out on the fun because perl/ caught it as spam.

At the moment I don't know what's going on, but the messages are in my Sent Mail. This wasn't someone just masking their crap with my email address. Also, some messages went out after I changed my password. As such, I have other suspicions and I'm shutting my machines down for a couple of days, after which I'll slowly bring things up again to see if something (say, a web browser) is acting under someone else's control.

Sorry for the fuss.


I thought maybe you knew something I didn't. ;)

No harm, no foul.

Google's 2 step verification works suprisingly well -- it's not nearly as painful as it might sound.

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