What language do you prefer for your Perl reading?

I have a new survey, mostly because I had to buy a month of SurveyMonkey to download the data from my last survey, Which Perl are you using?.

What language do you prefer for Perl documentation?

Also, because I can and I want to get the most out of my $22, I also have the survey What should we survey?


Question 3 asks about “languages” (plural) but only allows selecting a single one. That leaves me with a conundrum, as pretty close to half my books are in German, and half in English.

Will you change that or should I just pick German and also enter English under Other?

Hi brian

In Australia, even the word football is now contentious. To me it means AFL (Australian Football League, i.e. Aussie Rules) whereas I suspect in the question you meant soccer, which I call fairyball, because of all the staging for free kicks...

So if I have two exactly equally-sized halves I could not answer the question at all? :-)

But I’m not going to go counting now to see which one is the slightly bigger half anyway.

I find this survey difficult to answer, it does not allow me to express my case. In prose, I would state: I prefer my technical material in English, but I will also read it it in German. I used to buy books in German but now buy them in English. I would be interested to read some of my technical material in Greek if any were available but I expect to still prefer English afterwards.

In the survey all I can state is that I prefer or have English material in all categories. (Is that still of interest to you?)

IMHO almost none of the people who have strong preference reading in non-English will even see this survey.

Aw man. For once I thought I’d participate since it was so short and quick. So it goes. :-)

(I’m not desperate to participate or to make it perfect, I just thought adding a submission that amounts to “all English please” wouldn’t help anyone or with anything… so I tried to incorporate the less boring aspects of my case.)

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