A map of the CPAN Ecosystem

I'm making a map of the CPAN Ecosystem for Programming Perl:


It's just something I threw together so the O'Reilly people could make a nice looking diagram. I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the services pulling either from the CPAN master, a mirror, or something else.

I left a lot out; I only have a page so large and I don't cover other things in the CPAN chapter.


Could you explain what the colours of the lines mean?

Very nice.

Just the "clients" seems a bit minimalist IMHO, because if may be from cpan client(s), to software distributors and operative system vendors, and should join finally again with the "user".

Very nice. I am not sure if you plan to do so but it might be nice to include the downstream vendors (Linux distributors, ActiveState (ppm)) etc.
Maybe I am just repeating what poisonbit wrote.

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