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I want a cpanbug that's like perlbug. I don't have time to do this myself, but I've often wanted it. A long time ago, I wrote about the module equivalent for perlbug. Essentially, you say something like this:

% cpanbug Some::Module

It collects a lot of information, just like perlbug, and then sends it to the right place, which might not be rt.cpan.org. For instance, it might be Github.

That might be easier now with the improvements to the META spec and the MetaCPAN API.

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Hmm, yes, that could be interesting; with the MetaCPAN API, it should be a lot easier to implement, too.

If I should find myself with sufficient tuits to spare in the near future, I might even have a crack at it.

I think a fairly important feature would be to prompt the user for a summary (or some appropriate keywords), then try to search the appropriate bugtracker, and present a list of current bugs which look likely to be relevant, and have the user check that the problem isn't already reported.

Also, it should probably refuse to file the bug if the user is not using the current stable version of the module in question - perhaps guiding them on how to install the latest version of the module first and see if the bug is still present, then use the tool again if so.

Of course, the cleverer it tries to get, the more dependencies it acquires, and the harder it is to install, making it less likely to be used. (If it's there already, or as easy to download & install/run as cpanminus, it's more likely to be used, I think.)

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