A Perl Bibliography

perl-bibliography.png I'm creating a Perl Bibliography to go along with the other Bibliography booklets on O'Reilly's site. At OSCON as part of a Safari Books Online promotion, there were thin, real-paper booklets listing the books (from all publishers) in particular categories. They are also available as free downloads, like the Python Bibliography Perl didn't have one, although there was nothing nefarious about that; it just needed a champion.

If you'd like suggest a book, help with the production, and so on, let me know. This is an all-volunteer thing, even on my part. I think we can make this Creative Commons too, but my interest is specifically to put something on the O'Reilly site.

Maybe someone would like to sponsor a print run to hand out at YAPCs. :)


So why don't we work out which YAPCs and try to estimate a cost for doing each one of them and approach the organisations, YAPCs and some sponsors about doing that. Willing to help if other people like the idea, personally I think we might get O'Reilly on board by at least giving us access to a cheaper printer through contacts they may have.

I think it would be also very important to hand those out at non-Perl events. FOSDEM is in February and hopefully there is going to be a Perl booth there again.

If the cost is an issue these could be sold for 1/2-1 Euro each, to cover the expenses.

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