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Thoughts from my Houston Perl mongers appearance

After practicing a proto-talk--and getting very good feedback--at the Houston Perl mongers meeting last week, I wanted to pass on some of the points that came up over beers on the patio of Velvet Melvin Pub. Discuss, or not.

  • I've talked and written a lot about modulinos, and I've always thought about translating the way into the program, translating command-line invocations to the module calling interface. A couple people brought up issues on the way out too--you need to translat…

Some Perl things I hope the lazy web does for me

I always have more ideas than time to work on them.

  1. Something in Mojolicious to act as a credential wallet, like LWP's credentials. I got about half way to implementing it while learning the code base at the same time. I know I could do that on my own, but I'd like Mojo to handle it. I think it's just got to do the same things that the Cookies module does its work.

  • An updated version of twiddle-regex program. John Klassa wrote this years ago. It's a Tk app that I've found it again and created…
  • The Perl Review Community Calendar

    Several people were talking in Twitter about The Perl Review Community Calendar. If your event is missing, the easiest thing is for you to get a commit bit so you can update your event how you like. Either I or Renée Bäcker can give you access, and I think there are other people who can manage sharing. I should set up one of those fancy FAQ things for this.

    The Perl Review Community Calendar is for non-recurring or infrequent major events (so, not your monthly …

    Should I buy that Perl book?

    "Mike" asks on "Is the book worth buying?", specifically asking about The Definitive Guide to Catalyst.

    I wrote this over a year ago, but I never posted it. I found it again when I was writing Can you learn Perl from an old Learning Perl?. I still like it, so I've give…

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