Some Perl things I hope the lazy web does for me

I always have more ideas than time to work on them.

  1. Something in Mojolicious to act as a credential wallet, like LWP's credentials. I got about half way to implementing it while learning the code base at the same time. I know I could do that on my own, but I'd like Mojo to handle it. I think it's just got to do the same things that the Cookies module does its work.

  2. An updated version of twiddle-regex program. John Klassa wrote this years ago. It's a Tk app that I've found it again and created the twiddle-regex github project for it.

  3. I thought briefly about a WWW::Mechanize based on Mojolicious, but I don't really care what the implementation is as long as it does what I want.

  4. There's a Parse::Yapp grammar for JavaScript on Perlmonks, but I'd like a module for that with a way to walk the structure. I could have used it in a Stackoverflow question that wanted to extract data from the script portion of a webpage.

  5. BBEdit allows for all sorts of "clipping" files that act as templates. I have the Perl Glossary set, but now I'm thinking I want a set of templates for particular tasks instead of a general script. The one I want right away? A script that's mostly configuring Mojo::UserAgent.


I had posted a Perl Tk based regex tweaking utility on back in Sept. 2011. It is similar to twiddle-regex, but was developed independently. After I saw this post, I polished it up a bit more and put it up on github. See if this might be useful to you. Cheers.

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