Giving to TPF through Capital One

I'm not begging for money so much as begging other people to beg for money. Well, I'm not even doing that. I just noticed one way that people can give money to a charity.

Donate to YET ANOTHER SOCIETY with the Capital One No Hassle Giving Site.

This one goes to Yet Another Society, better known as The Perl Foundation

I just started using a Capital One credit card. If you don't travel internationally, you probably don't care about a card that has no foreign transaction fees. My particular version came with cash back instead of airline miles, so I looked into what rewards I could get. The rewards are lame, but there was a button to donate my "cash" to a charity without the redemption fees and so on. They even let me make a widget so other people could donate to that charity, including Yet Another Society, even though I don't represent that charity in any way.

I imagine similar credit cards do the same sort of thing, so maybe you have a bit of "cash" sitting there doing nothing. It's not enough to get something good, so it languishes. Meanwhile, there's a bug in Perl feeling really lonely because nobody will play with him.

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