Find my signature in Google NY

Find my signature in the Google NY office, tell me where it is (you're not supposed to take pictures), and I'll send you a set of my books. It's not hidden, but it's not out of place either.

You don't have to work for Google to make good on this. The same technical sourced that gave me the tour can do the same for you. Ask for for the referral and I'll tell you who you have to talk to. If you were at dinner with me and at Wildwood, you've already met him.

Google isn't known as a big Perl user, but Google isn't really looking for skills, unlike most companies I visit. They want people who know how things work, and everything after that is just tools.

Maybe I should send Google a set of books too. In there several walls of tech books, they have the right Perl titles, just in older editions.


It's in a signed copy of Learning Perl.

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