Let's make a Perl Nerd Merit Badge

Somehow I ran across Nerd Merit Badges. They have a cool Stackoverflow badge and an octocat badge. I want a [animal redacted pending permission] Perl nerd merit badge to be part of their line up. We can easily make custom badges, so that's a good place to start.

Pledge to get a Perl Nerd Merit Badge

I've started a Crowdtilt campaign to collect money to make their minimum order and a little extra, even though we don't have the design yet (but we all know what it's going to be, right? :) I'll collect the money, make the order, receive the shipment, and send out the badges. You just need to pledge some money.

And, if someone with some design skills can follow their guidelines (and maybe talk to me), we can get that bit going. If you think you have something, send me your design and we'll let people vote. Or something. I don't know yet. We're JFDI right now. :)


"Somehow I ran across Nerd Merit Badges". Ha! We all know you googled "nerd badges" ;-)

One exists on another site: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1232

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