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The 2013 White Camels

The White Camel Awards recognize outstanding, non-technical achievement in Perl. Started in 1999 by Perl mongers and later merged with The Perl Foundation, the awards committee selects three names …

More WordPress grepping

I got quite a bit off my blogging to-do list once I created WordPress::Grep to crawl through my WordPress database. With that stuff done, I had time to expand the module to get even more done.

I added stuff to search categories and tags, which are mixed together in this odd notion of WordPress "relationships". One of my issues has been the evolving set of categories. I create a new category realizing that I'm writing stuff that I want to group, but I don't go back to add the new category …

Grepping my WordPress database

I created WordPress::Grep (or in GitHub) as a way to do power searches through my WordPress databases. I've often wanted a tool that could search with Perl patterns or arbitrary code to find odd CSS uses, check links, and all sorts of other things. I didn't see an easy way to do the things I wanted with WordPress::API, which seems more of an authoring tool than an administration or editing tool.

Having some t…

European Perl Tour 2014

At dinner after patch -p1, Wendy tried to convince me to come to FOSDEM 2014 in Brussels in February. That didn't take much convincing, although I'll have to figure out how to defray some expenses. I'd really like to give my "Instant CPAN Author" workshop again, where I take people through the entire process of getting a PAUSE ID, creating their first (simple) module, uploading it, getting a bug report, patching the module, and re-uploading it.


Visualizing a CPAN install plan

At the patch -p1 Perl hackathon, I'm working on bits related to my idea for a new sort of CPAN client. One of the features I want is a graphical display of the work to do and the work being done.

Creating the data structure in Perl is easy. Start with a module, figure out it's distribution, then grab that META.{json|yml} to get dependencies (for now, with more discovery later). Put that stuff into a data structure.

But I …

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