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The 2013 White Camels

The White Camel Awards recognize outstanding, non-technical achievement in Perl. Started in 1999 by Perl mongers and later merged with The Perl Foundation, the awards committee selects three names …

More WordPress grepping

I got quite a bit off my blogging to-do list once I created WordPress::Grep to crawl through my WordPress database. With that stuff done, I had time to expand the module to get even more done.

I added stuff to search categories and tags, which are mixed together in this odd notion of WordPress "relationships". One of my issues has been the evolving set of categories. I create a new category realizing that I'm writing stuff that I want to group, but I don't go back to add the new category …

Grepping my WordPress database

I created WordPress::Grep (or in GitHub) as a way to do power searches through my WordPress databases. I've often wanted a tool that could search with Perl patterns or arbitrary code to find odd CSS uses, check links, and all sorts of other things. I didn't see an easy way to do the things I wanted with WordPress::API, which seems more of an authoring tool than an administration or editing tool.

Having some t…

Visualizing a CPAN install plan

At the patch -p1 Perl hackathon, I'm working on bits related to my idea for a new sort of CPAN client. One of the features I want is a graphical display of the work to do and the work being done.

Creating the data structure in Perl is easy. Start with a module, figure out it's distribution, then grab that META.{json|yml} to get dependencies (for now, with more discovery later). Put that stuff into a data structure.

But I …

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