TWC 147: Prime without Left, and Pent without Quad

In which we bravely overcome ambiguity, and dodge two approaches in the face of (O³).

TWC 146: 10K Prime and CW Trees (redirect)

Please go here instead.

TWC 146: 10K Prime and CW Trees

In which we leap tall primes in a single bound, mis-take a tree, test percussion, and find the limits of a Curious Module.

Task 1: 10001st Prime Number - One-liners (expanded) in Raku and Perl.

Task 2: Curious Fraction Tree - Solutions in Raku and Perl (with 200+ tests), and another Perl solution using a CPAN module.

TWC 138: Partition-free Weekends

Placeholder for overdue explanation of my solution to Task#2, using regex exponential exhaustion.

TWC 119: Les Nybb and the Arrhythmic Trio

In which Raku solutions give shape to Perl solutions, and vice versa, and then Raku does what Raku does best.

Task 1: Swap Nibbles - basic and extended solutions in Raku and Perl.

Task 2: Sequence of symbols 123 without adjacent 1’s. Solutions in Raku and Perl, then a radically different approach that I would have never discovered in anything but Raku.