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TWC 220: Squared Shoulders

In which we move beyond Perfect Permutation.

TWC 217: Big and Boundless in The Matrix

In which I must change a conference talk.

TWC 205: Exclusive Third Or First

In which we ponder the highest bit, and find a much faster Max_XOR.

TWC 195: Special Speedy Frequency

In which count only what we must.

In Raku, Perl, and C {via Perl's Inline::C} .

TWC 194: Bag Time!

In which analysis speeds, and mis-leads.

TWC 193: Evens and Oddballs

In which we revisit seventh grade, and sing in the key of "A".

TWC 192: Frosting a cake without flipping the spatula

In which we refine and refactor past the point of recognition:

(  [\+] ( @a X- target )  )».abs.sum

In Raku, Perl, and Rust.

TWC 189: Saving your Degree by Great Character!

In which we achieve Single Pass and Single Expression, respectively.

Next door to the Haunted Mansion.

TWC 160: Mystic/Math Balance

In which we pine for The Good Place, while visiting The Bad Place.

TWC 155: I say Potato, you say Pisano

In which we reach the first plateau of clever, then (unfortunately) stop climbing.

(Still editing)

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