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Method::Signatures: here a tweak, there a bugfix

  • Previously, you weren’t able to mix alias parameters and named parameters.  Now, thanks to a patch from the Damian and schwern fixing a buglet on 5.8 and 5.10 that had confounded me for the past month or so, you can.
  • Previously, run-time errors were pretty nice looking, with fairly precise line number r…

Debuggit: now with Data::Printer-y goodness

Short Version: I’ve released version 2.04 of Debuggit.  It allows you to substitute Data::Printer for Data::Dumper when dumping variables.

Long Version:

If I’m known for anything on CPAN (and I’m not saying I am), it’s probably for my work on other people’s modules: my co-maintenance of Method:…

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