Method::Signatures: here a tweak, there a bugfix

Just a quick note to say that I’ve released a new version of Method::Signatures today.  There’s nothing major, just a few housekeeping duties.  Here’s the highlights:

  • Previously, you weren’t able to mix alias parameters and named parameters.  Now, thanks to a patch from the Damian and schwern fixing a buglet on 5.8 and 5.10 that had confounded me for the past month or so, you can.
  • Previously, run-time errors were pretty nice looking, with fairly precise line number reporting.  The compile-time errors, such as the ones you get when your signatures don’t parse correctly, were not as nice.  This is fixed now (this is the only one I actually did myself).
  • If you’d like the run-time errors to do something other than die, you can now override the new signature_error_handler method in a subclass.  Thanks to larryl for the patch.
  • Our use of Data::Alias was causing a bug when used in conjunction with threads.  Happily, schwern has put in code which will only load Data::Alias on demand, avoiding the bug at least in the cases where you use threads but not alias parameters, and also speeding up our compile-time performance a bit.

Hopefully you find these tidbits helpful.  Let us know—here, on GitHub, or in an RT ticket—if you see any problems, or want to make any suggestions.  Enjoy!


Much appreciated, as always!

Method::Signatures must be the most important new module for Perl right now.

Buddy - have their been any performance comparisons for MS vs. other modules providing similar if less comprehensive functionality eg. Method::Signatures::Simple.

I'll chime in and say that Method::Signatures has made writing perl much, much nicer! I use the named parameter support all the time. Thanks for the work you put into it maintaining the module.

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