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Foster Care

Today I contributed to Scott Walters’ Kickstarter project.  You may have read Scott’s own blog posts on the topic.  Executive precis: for $10,000, Scott will complete work on the latest version of WebGUI, a world-class CMS written in Perl.

I’ll freely admit that I didn’t contribute that much, mainly on account of me not being rich.  As I’m fond of pointing out here, I’m just a regular Joe working-class programmer.  But, at the same time, Perl has been very good to me throughout the years, and I’m not averse to giving a little back when I can.  And, as it happens, right now I can.

Now, I know that many of you readers out there have a healthy skepticism when you think you’re being sold something.  Trust me: I do as well.  Now, I personally think it would be a fairly uncharitable characterization to view scrottie’s proposed project, as an attempt to get us viewers to pay his bills for him while he contributes to an open-source project, which is something that many of us already do for free ... but I’m sure some out there have already characterized it thus.  As is their right.  I personally think there’s more going on here, and, while I won’t be able to change the minds of the most cynical among you, I’m going to try anyway.  I’m a glutton for punishment like that.

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