A Perl CMS for the Masses, Part II

(With permission), I got this email from a former Phoenix.PM-er (my home PM):

I looked at Ruby on Rails, what a mess. I'm running the WordPress meetup group here in Jacksonville Florida...

I've been moving code into Mojolicious lately. Still trying to get used to the "new" ways of doing things.

You have one more "backer" - all the best on this. I can help with documentation at least, if you like.

I was right. I'm not the only Perler who uses WordPress or is responsible for site. In my case, I help with http://biketempe.org as part of my duties on the board of Tempe Bicycle Action Group.

Right now, there are 47 supporters and $1,840 pledged: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2083389021/create-perl-competition-to-the-php-content-managem

One of the rewards is that I'll come to the PM group (or similar) and speak about any of my stupid hacks such as Code::Splice: http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Code%3A%3ASplice. I have a Lightning Talk based on that that I think is quite hilarious that I put in for 2013 that wasn't accepted and hasn't been used yet. The Kickstarter has a list of Stupid Perl Tricks I've done or can talk about.

duxclouding.dk is a CRM built on top of WebGUI7 by a Danish company. I found out about that through discussions arising from this Kickstarter.

... those purple octopoids given away at previous YAPCs are the wG mascot, by the way.

Here's another photo from the WebGUI Users Conference: http://www.plainblack.com/uploads/WG/MJ/WGMJkid2GR9qf4yCQiMcuA/DSC00102.JPG ... and another: http://www.plainblack.com/uploads/o_/Vn/o_Vnu67KvQw8bNmkLJBYqA/DSC01499.JPG ... there's no question that wG created Perl jobs.

Here's a video of my 3/4 finished curses based installer. The video was shot by danny_mk, who is leading work on the JS admin work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvtfpfhvrOM

After doing the initial and bulk of the work adding Plack support, Patrick got sucked up into the Google vacuum: http://www.plainblack.com/wuc/photos/wuc-photos/wuc-2009/2009-contributors-of-the-year

Someone wrote this thoughtful short blog post about this project: http://blog.laufeyjarson.com/2014/06/webgui-a-perl-replacement-for-wordpress/

This is our best chance to square off a commercially competitive CMS against WordPress. Thanks to everyone who has kicked in and spread the word to help make this happen.

What I'd really like to see at this point is Pair Networks or Linode or someone else who wants to best them stepping up to do a sponsorship deal. Everyone coming to the project site who really just wants to run this and have it hosted would be directed there. Profit!


Also check out PearlBee, written by the people at Evozon Cluj using dancer2 and Plack:


Backed! Hopefully they make a better video soon. Ideally, you try to make people feel to support something important.

Isn't Wordpress more of blog engine, like Perl Movable Type or its fork Melody?

Ironic isn't it that I'm running my blog, with many things Perly on it, in PHP isn't it?

I think the improvement and release of the modernized v8 is a great idea, and hope you can get some traction on it.

If money isn't forthcoming, would volunteers to help do the work help?

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