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Well after 1001000 days and getting close to the programming phase of my I think I might as well do a quick state of the Moose-pen post

Well for a quick recap

Posts 1~14

I gave the background story of Accessor, some of the planning and some API/design related posts

Posts 15~31

I started on some test driven prototyping and proof of concept coding. This gave me a firm idea of how I was going to work things out when I started the real programming.

Posts 32~45

I started to play in the Moose-pen creating a real name-space ans sticking withing tanking my PoC code and creating the first run at and did some planning and introduced a few neat Moose concepts.

Post 46~62
I started to add in more Moose concepts such Moose roles when I created 'Database::Accessor::Roles::Alias' and started on the very long road down the 'Type' Highway. I also started to introduced some MooseXes like 'MooseX::Aliases' into the mix

Post 63~71
Now I get into the more hard core Moose working with Native Dleigates and more and more complex class Typing and coercion and then a few post where I change my API a little in response to my testing and created some custom testing routines.

Well that is a lot. What I have taken away form this is a new appreciation for test driven development. Which in this situation is the best way to code the type of 'back end' system.

Also one can see that some prototyping is good as is trying other concepts before a final decision is made.

Finally what I am really getting out of this is a new appreciation of Moose Types and just how flexible they are and the party is just starting to get going.

Still have a lot of POD to write up and some fill in code but very soon I will be starting on my next series writing a DAD.


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