Pommie Christmass


Now to circle back again. You may remember many many posts ago I wanted to make it a requirement for my LSD writers to have an SQL sub. I later revised the name to be a _retrieve sub that would be used to format the query up before it goes off to the DB/

Well in the end I think I am just going to leave it up to the LSD writer to write those subs as they see fit.

In the long run I think that is the only way to go as there is no way I can abstract out from my set and into a set of functions that covers every situation. So I guess my Christmas present for my LSD writes it the joy of just using the attributes that I supply from the DA.

Had a few mins to look at Perl's Mongo again the other day and it is a completly differnt pattern thatn DBI. In Mongo you are hit the collection object you are interesting in diretly in DBI it is alway in a round about way though SQL. Quite dirffering patterns.

Looking at it with sober second though I do not thing I should force the hand of my LSD writers anyway as they my be able to come up with much better ways of expressing their code that me forcing each of my attributes to had a _retrieve sub or alike.

So let get on with things but first a cute Pomie Christmas pic for your trouble and Merry Christmas


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