Paws XXXVII (So close but yest so far)

Well I was just about ready to check everything in on S3 Paws and move onto the next part of Paws that need some love and kindness when I did one last review of all the test cases I have created over the past little while when I discovered I had left one out.

I forgot to add in a request test case for the 'DeleteBucketMetricsConfiguration' action. It took the opportunity to use my new test generator a spin as well so I fired up my real world call with the new caller and much to my chagrin I got an error;

'The specified configuration does not exist.',

Which could be the case as the Bucket I was playing with may not have a 'Metrics Configuration' on it. So I dusted off another test that does both 'PUT and 'GET' and then I slapped my 'DELETE' on the end and this was the result;

ok 1 - Call S3->PutBucketMetricsConfiguration
ok 2 – Have a PutBucketMetricsConfigurationResponse
ok 3 – Call S3->GetBucketMetricsConfiguration
ok 4 – Have a GetBucketMetricsConfigurationOutput
ok 5 – Id= ImportantBlueDocuments
not ok Call  S3-> DeleteBucketMetricsConfiguration
not ok Have a Paws::API::Response

So something not right. I checked on my AWS account and the S3 bucket in question does have a Metric Config so the fail is not a false positive.

I looked at the API spec again;

DELETE /?metrics&Id=Id HTTP/1.1 Host:
  • URI Request Parameters
  • The request requires the following URI parameters.
    • Bucket
      • The name of the bucket containing the metrics configuration to delete.
    • id
      • The ID used to identify the metrics configuration.
    And there is an discrepancy there. It asks for and 'id' but in the URL we have 'Id'. I checked boto;
    "documentation":"<p>The ID used to identify the metrics configuration.</p>",

    so that is ok it might be a case of the API doc not being correct. I have seen that before. I checked what I was sending for the URI on the request;


    ok so I am missing the 'id' in the URI so that led me into the 'sub _call_uri' of my and with the above boto I two 'uri' params one 'Bucket' is on the template '/{Bucket}?metrics' the other id is not and that led me to this part of the sub;

    if ( $attribute->does('Paws::API::Attribute::Trait::ParamInURI') ) {
      my $att_name = $attribute->name;
      if ( $uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} ) {
        $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } =
        uri_escape_utf8( $call->$att_name, q[^A-Za-z0-9\-\._~/] );
        $uri_template =~ s{$att_name\+}{\+$att_name}g;
      else {
        $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } = $call->$att_name;

    playing around a bit I had a look at the incoming values in the '%uri_attrib_is_greedy' hash and I got;

    'Bucket' => ''

    Ah! so this;

    if ( $uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} ) {

    will test the value of 'Bucket' key and it value is false so it does not go into this code block. This is a bug as having an empty value is perfectly valid. As So I changed that to this;

    –  if ( $uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} ) {
    ++ if (exists($uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name}) ) {

    and when I ran my code again I got this result for the URI;


    ok a little too much and I am still missing the 'id' and I have an extra Bucket para. So I fixed that up to this final version;

    if ( exists($uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} )) {
      $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } =
      uri_escape_utf8( $call->$att_name, q[^A-Za-z0-9\-\._~/] );
    –$uri_template =~ s{$att_name\+}{\+$att_name}g;
    else {
    ++$uri_template .=
    ++        $joiner . $attribute->uri_name . "={" . $attribute->uri_name . "}";
      $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } = $call->$att_name;

    So now I just escape the input value for 'Bucket' and for 'id' I add in the param to the template. So not I get an end template like this;


    which is handled fine by this code

    my $t   = URI::Template->new($uri_template);
    my $uri = $t->process($vars);
    return $uri;

    that ends out the '_call_uri' sub.

    No both my real world test and my canned test pass.

    I was a bit of a puzzle for my why it took so long to uncover this bug. So I went back over a number of the Delete actions and tried them out in a number of ways. Seems some will work with either Id in the params or id on the url and some will return 200 even is nothing is deleted but the ' DeleteBucketMetricsConfiguration' was the one that does neither and as I never did create a test for it and thus never ran into it till now.

    That is not the end of the story as I did break 'DeleteObject' with this test as now I get a bad URL fail


    and I traced that back to this patch;

    if ( exists($uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} )) {
        $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } =
        uri_escape_utf8( $call->$att_name, q[^A-Za-z0-9\-\._~/] );
    –  $uri_template =~ s{$att_name\+}{\+$att_name}g;

    In this case the template was coming out as


    but the values that where being processed where;

        'Bucket' => 'oneoffpaws',
        'Key' => 'one/to/delete/image.jpg',
        'VersionId' => 'my version id'

    so it as not subbing out that 'Key+' . So I have to but that regex back in but only have it fire it when there is a value on the greedy bit.

    if ( exists($uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name} )) {
        $vars->{ $attribute->uri_name } =
                uri_escape_utf8( $call->$att_name, q[^A-Za-z0-9\-\._~/] );
    ++    $uri_template =~ s{$att_name\+}{\+$att_name}g
    ++      if (($uri_attrib_is_greedy{$att_name});

    and now at least all my 'DELETE' action tests pass and I think I am getting to the end of the tunnel.


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