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Reducing Database Backups

Having monitored the logs on the server over the last few days, I've noticed some improvements that can be made to some of the processing. Some of the improvements are in the server code itself and will be introduced alongside some of the changes towards CPAN Testers 2.0.

However, some of the proposed changes are to the files available on the Development site. Specifically the database downloads. As there hasn't been anyone accessing any of the CSV files for the Uploads DB, these will be removed next week. Of the other files, although the GZi…

MSNBOT must die!

If you've suffered any problems accessing any of the sites, the databases, the CPAN mirror, etc from the CPAN Testers server last night, please direct your wrath at Microsoft. Last night the msnbot took out the CPAN Testers server with a dedicated denial of service attack. As a consequence measures are now being put in place to completely ban the msnbot from accessing at least the Reports site, and probably all the sites on the server.

CPAN Testers Summary - December 2009 - The Wall

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