CPAN Testers & pre-requisite reporting

Seeing as b.p.o won't let me comment on others' blog entries, I'm posting here.

This is in reply to brian's recent post about a trial version of Test::More.

Firstly. @preaction CPANTS != CPAN Testers. They are two very different projects.

Secondly, this is a conversation that has cropped up before, and I'm still in two minds about it. Short answer: I…

CPAN Testers Server Upgrade

Hi folks,

Sorry for the short notice, but the CPAN Testers Server will be getting an upgrade this weekend. This will start from Friday 27th September, and will continue over the weekend.

Further details on the blog -

Please pass on to anyone you know who might be affected.


Misconceptions & Misunderstandings

While there are many who really appreciate the work of CPAN Testers, and value the feedback it gives, but it would seem there are still several people who are less than complimentary. One recently posted about what they see as wrong with the project, while continually making incorrect and misguided references. What follows is my attempt to explain and clarify many often mistaken facts about CPAN Testers.

30 Million Reports

Congratulations to Nigel Horne for submitting the 30 millionth CPAN Testers Report. The report itself was a PASS for DBI.

CPAN Testers Summary - January 2013 - Up

Quite a few updates for this month's summary. New CPAN distributions, plenty of fixes, some updates, lots of discussion ... and 27 over million reports!