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Closer to CT2.0

Over the weekend of the QA Hackathon, which by all accounts was another great success (and I think David, Ricardo aand I all wish we could have been there too), various work on CPAN Testers 2.0 was underway. With the submission to the Metabase and the feed from the Metabase into the cpanstats database being two very distinct parts of the eco-system, it has made work on both parts a lot easier as it only requires one interface between them. While much of the interface has been evolving, it has for the most part been fairly straightforward. However,…

CPAN Testers Summary - March 2010 - Fragile

March has been a very busy time. Although we weren't able to meet the 1st March deadline, the switch to the HTTP submission process has started. Currently it's still considered Beta, but initial problems appear to have been worked out, and the Metabase is receiving reports thick and fast. So much so that some testers started to ramp up their smoker bots again, forgetting that some were still submitting SMTP reports. You can read David Golden's report of his beta test update.

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