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For some time now I have been promising to publish the list of CPAN Authors who for one reason or another, appear to be uncontactable. These are authors, who when using their PAUSEID @ cpan.org address, generates a rejection of some form. Typically this appears to be for addresses which are set up to be used in redirection, which have since been made obsolete (perhaps from changing jobs or personal domain), but there are a few that are just not setup to receive emails.

I have now created a Missing In Action page, which I will keep updated as I receive bounce backs from the CPAN Testers daily summaries. In some cases bounce backs require verification from a real person, and I do eventually get round to those, but the ones listed are specifically for emails that are outright rejected. If you have not been receiving any CPAN Testers summaries or reports and have been expecting some, please first check this list to ensure that you haven't had your preferences disabled.

If you are on the list, please read the instruction on the page, to learn how to enable your PAUSE email, and to get your CPAN Tester preferences re-enabled.

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Some of these definitely have active E-Mails, it just looks like they've rejected mass-mailings from cpantesters.

I have a list of all CPAN author addresses that are no good. We put it together after the spring cleaning mass mailing. It's really a small number.

However, I'm not going to make it public. If you want to use it for something that you don't make public, I'll send it to you.

I like the CPAN Testers service, but 1 E-Mail a day from an automated system is mass-mailing. They're also sent out automatically (i.e. it's opt-out, not opt-in), so I can see why some would block it on the SMTP level. Which makes these statistics somewhat unreliable.

Even so, the Reason line for most of these indicates that the user really doesn't exist at the respective mail hosts. So false positive ratio probably isn't all that bad.

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