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Platform != OS issues

Dear Authors,

Unfortunately, due to an untraditional smoker setup, the tests are run on a Win32 machine, but saved to disk as text files, then parsed on another machine, a i686-linux box, before being submitted to the CPAN Testers servers. As such the metadata sent with the report is misleading, even though the original text report is valid.

As a result, I will be runnin…

CPAN Testers Summary - May 2010 - Relayer

Further beta testng has been ongoing over the last week and all seems to be working well. The metabase search problem, although not resolved completely, now has a mechanism in place to avoid blockages. The feed started up again last week and after 3 days had caught up with a month's worth of reports submitted to the metabase. Although this is still in the beta phase, it does give us more confidence that the eco-system can cope with the submission levels we have been seeing in the last year, and has the capacity to cope with much more. Further tests are being carried out, but the days of…

About CPAN Testers

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