Platform != OS issues

Dear Authors,

Please be aware that you may have received Daily Summaries from the CPAN Testers, that list the archname/platform as i686-linux, but the report in question is from a MSWin32 OS. We are aware of the issue.

Unfortunately, due to an untraditional smoker setup, the tests are run on a Win32 machine, but saved to disk as text files, then parsed on another machine, a i686-linux box, before being submitted to the CPAN Testers servers. As such the metadata sent with the report is misleading, even though the original text report is valid.

As a result, I will be running some validation checks over the weekend on all recent reports (those submitted in 2010) to ensure we have platforms and osnames that correspond with each other. Those that differ will be reparsed and the metadata will be updated accordingly. Further validation checks on incoming reports will also be added to ensure we catch any similar inconsistencies as soon as possible.

Apologies for any confusion.

CPAN Testers.

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