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Writing For The Wiki

Just about anyone can help out with CPAN Testers. You can be a heavy-weight tester submitting thousands of reports a month, or a casual tester submitting reports for the distributions you install. You can also help promote CPAN Testers on your blog, or join the group on cpan-testers-discuss mailing list (or associated channel on IRC) and help answer questions testers and authors may have.

CPAN Testers Summary - December 2010 - Obscured By Clouds

December turned out to be a very interesting month. After a lot of tweaks, I updated several parts of the ecosystem from the Generator, which takes the metabase reports and parses them for the cpanstats database, through to the Builder, which builds the files used by the Reports website, to the Uploads mechanism, which monitors the changes in CPAN and new uploads to PAUSE. It has all helped to streamline the process a little, which means the processing from a report submission to appearing on the CPAN Testers Reports website is getting quicker.

About CPAN Testers

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