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Metabase SSL Certificate

For anyone who may have been affacted by the upgrade to LWP, the situation should now be resolved. David has put in place a 3rd party verified SSL certificate on the Metabase server, so all submissions should now be able to resolve certificate authenticity.

If you have implemented any short term fixes, you may need to remove them, before accepting the new certificate.

We now return you to your scheduled programming :)

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LWP v6.00 & Self-signed Certificates.

If you're an existing CPAN Tester, and have recently upgraded LWP, you may have noticed that your report submissions have been failing. The reason being that LWP::UserAgent now requires that any https protocol request, needs to verify the certificate associated with it. With the Metabase having a self-signed certificate, this doesn't provide enough verification and so fails.

CPAN Testers Summary - February 2011 - A Saucerful of Secrets

Much of February was taken up with monitoring updates and watching for any unfortunate consequences. Thankfully the improvements seem to have done their job. The report submissions in January dropped from previous months, which is normal going on past experience, and sure enough the submissions increased again last month. Despite this the builder has managed to stay on top of the page requests. Some fine tuning has taken place and currently the builder stays at most about 2-3 days behind, but is average in only 1-2 days behind. We'd prefer to have updates even more frequent than this, so…

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